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Summer Road Trip Checklist

Summertime is made on family road trips to the beach or lake. Being prepared with the proper car maintenance and checklist prior to your trips are essential to avoid any…

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Automotive Repair Tulsa – Benefits of Roadside Assistance

There are those times when you’re traveling to work or back home from vacation and your car breaks down. You’re not sure why, but there can be a multitude of…

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Auto Repair Tulsa – Importance of A Car Wash

Auto Repair Tulsa – Getting your cash washed is probably the last thing on your mind and it’s going to rain this week right? So, there’s need to get one….

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Automotive Repair Tulsa- Car Loan Tips

Automotive Repair Tulsa – It’s time to roll the windows down and cruise! Warm weather is here and so is the season to purchase a new car. Between deciding on…

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Automotive Repair Tulsa- Spring Tips

The Oklahoma warm weather days are here, so that means it’s time to prepare your vehicle for those warm days. There is a checklist of items to get serviced or…

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Maintenance Tulsa- Problems That Go Undetected

Maintenance Tulsa- With having a vehicle, there is bound for times of maintenance. Without having your car in for a regular checkup or if you’ve detected an issue that you’ve…

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Luxury Automotive Repair- 2016 Hybrid

Luxury Automotive Repair- Green. Electric. Motor. New. Car. These are a few words that describe the 2016 Chevy Malibu Hybrid Quick Spin. What’s the rage about the Chevy Malibu Hybrid?…

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Automotive Repair Tulsa- Jeep’s 75th Birthday

Automotive Repair Tulsa- One of the most trusted and seen on the road vehicles is Jeep. This year marks the 75th anniversary for the company, and with that there comes…

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Automotive Repair in Tulsa- Tune Ups

Abbott Luxury Automotive Repair in Tulsa cannot stress enough how important it is to stay on top of your oil changes for your vehicle.   Oil changes are a way…

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Automotive Repair Tulsa- Holiday Travel

Automotive Repair Tulsa- The holidays are right around the corner, which means traveling to see family. Whether you’re traveling within the state of Oklahoma or traveling to another state, it’s…