Abbott Services

What we do.

Lubrication Services

When we change the oil, we are also replacing the old filter with a new one and are providing your car with up to five quarts of oil. With the service, we include a simple multi-point inspection to make sure everything is up to date and functioning correct.

Power Steering System

Our technicians will add BG Quick Clean for Power Steering to the power steering system to effectively remove accumulated residues. Then worn-out fluid and suspended debris will be flushed out. Drive belts, hoses and connections will be thoroughly inspected and replaced if necessary.

Lifetime Protection Plan

Follow our shop-recommended service intervals to protect your vehicle for its lifetime. To qualify for Lifetime BG Protection Plan: Initial service must begin with 36,000 miles to receive 100% coverage and before 75,000 miles for 50% coverage. Ask our Service Advisors for complete details.

Fuel/Air Induction Service

To ensure proper combustion, BG Fuel/Air Induction Service removes performance-robbing deposits in the air and fuel intake areas, the injectors and combustion chambers, and in fact, all the way to the catalytic converter. It’s important to clean both the fuel and air systems at the same time because each depends on the other as do the lungs and heart.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is available with the purchase of a BG service. Roadside services provided: towing assistance, jump start assistance, tire change assistance, lock-out assistance, tire repair/replacement, trip routing service, fuel and fluid delivery, emergency travel expense, rental car reimbursement, travel discount service, theft/hit and run protection. Ask our Service Advisors for complete details.

Service Upgrades

We offer a variety of additional services including: cooling system, drive line services, power steering flush, transmission flush, climate control, brake fluid flush, fuel injection service, battery service, headlight restoration, front end alignment and tire balance.