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About Abbott

Abbott Luxury Automotive is a team that specializes in Lexus and Toyota vehicles. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment in order to provide the best services for our customers. Our auto specialists perform repairs and services such as oil changes, brakes, wipers and more. Our team of mechanics knows Lexus and Toyota inside and out. We’d be happy to take care of your Lexus and Toyota car complications and restore them new. We want our customers to feel safe and secure when they drive away.

Who We Are

What We Do

Our team of auto specialists are capable of fixing minor tune-ups to major repairs. We provide quality services for our customers, along with honest and reliable auto services. Nobody wants to give their car to someone they don’t trust. We put the trust between us and our customers by the workmanship, loyalty and cost factors. Our team at Abbott Luxury Automotive will inspect your vehicle before making any assumptions and charging for no reason. You will be able to trust us because we will tell you exactly what the issue is without any round-bouts.

Our Services

What We Think

Abbott Luxury Automotive believe that your Lexus or Toyota should be treated by professionals who know those vehicles in and out. Would you rather take your car to a regular automotive repair shop or one that specializes for your car make? Our goal for our customers is to make this process as smooth as possible. We are your trusting, loyal and straightforward Lexus and Toyota automotive repair shop.

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The nitty-gritty about Oil Changes

At Abbott Automotive, we stress the importance of a regular oil change when it’s the time. Not only does gas run your car, it relies on oil as well. We perform routine oil and filter changes. Oil changes are made to fit the needs of your Lexus or Toyota vehicle.

Oil Changes

The powerhouse of Automotive Electricity

In order to obtain the correct battery, our team provides services for all Lexus and Toyota vehicles. We will inspect, install and have you on your way back onto the road. Without displaying all of the pieces, it’s quite hard to maintain transportation.

Electrical Work

The lifecycle of your Tires

The life of your tires depends on the alignment of your vehicle. Flat tire repairs usually result from leaky valves, a puncture in the tire itself or low air pressure within the rubber tire. We recommend a regular tire rotation in order to receive better gas mileage, treads and long-lasting tires. Balancing your tires will also help with tire wear while providing a smoother ride down the interstate.

Tire Rotations

Help protect your car from overheating and breakdowns with our Cooling System Service.


Flush cooling system, radiator block, heater core, hosed, etc. Pressure test, check hoses, cap & connections. Install BG Cooling System Corrosion Control Kit.

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